Product name Mentha Arvensis Crude 72%  /Natural Crude Mentha Arvensis Oil / Mentha Oil Crude – L.M.72% / Cornmint oil / De-Mentholised Peppermint oil (DMO) 
Synonims Cornmint Oil; Fieldmint Oil; Japanese mint oil;Oil Mentha Arvensis
CAS Number 68917-18-0
EINECS 290-058-5
FEMA 4219
FDA 182.10 & 182.20
Botanical name Mentha Arvensis
Appearance Clear liquid
Colour colorless to pale yellow
Odour Odor of peppermint
Taste Characteristic taste
Physical and chemical properties
Specific rotation NA
Non volatile residue NA
Purity NA
Refractive Index 1.458°C to 1.462 20°C
Specific gravity 0.898°C to 0.908 25°C
Optical rotation `-30°C to -34 20°C
Density NA
Main components L-Menthol 72% to 73%
Menthone 15% to 16%
Iso-Menthone 3.086%
Total Menthol 78% to 80%
Terpenes 7% to 8%
Melting point NA
Solubility Solubility in Alcohols In 4 volume of 90% Alcohol
Flash point 65°C (149°F).
Boiling point 218.00 to  219.00 °C. @ 755.00 mm Hg